Priority not an Option

A few weeks ago, I was in so much desperation and rage because our National Women’s Basketball Team had been informed that it wouldn’t participate in the FIBA AfroBasketball Qualifiers Zone V. I wrote down a heartfelt piece that yielded no results other than sympathy.  A few weeks down the road, to have our U16 National BasketballContinue reading “Priority not an Option”

You Reap What You Sow

It has been a crazy 2021 with a number of sports events taking place over a short period of time due to the unavoidable Global situation that had previously halted sporting activities. For sports fanatics, we can’t deny that the past months have been quite entertaining. From the Men’s FIBA AfroBasketball Qualifiers to the inauguralContinue reading “You Reap What You Sow”

Young Promising Athlete

Ssekitoleko’s story is just a perfect example of what is on the ground for the young promising athletes in Uganda. Just 21 years of age, most probably facing a youthful crisis coupled with the frustration of an economy that barely supports the professional field he is building a career in. Having borrowed money to purchaseContinue reading “Young Promising Athlete”

The Dreams, The Expectations, and The Shortcomings

So apparently, the Federation can’t afford having the National women’s team, the Gazelles, participate in the Afrobasketball qualifiers (Sniffs a bit). I envy the men’s basketball. I really do envy the Uganda Men’s National basketball team. They don’t have a commission, but they have not missed out on any tournament. You see, a former teammateContinue reading “The Dreams, The Expectations, and The Shortcomings”

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